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Rainbow Healing Crystal Necklace

NOT SOLD IN STORES! This carefully handmade, one-of-a-kind style item WILL sell out. Each stone is unique and therefore may vary from one to the next.

One of the most wonderful parts of nature is the various colors that we can see in the world. We are lucky to be surrounded by a world that is so rich in color and style that it’s very easy to take the beauty of color seriously. With the help of our Colors of the Rainbow Healing Crystal Necklace, you can have something both aesthetically stunning and spiritually calming.

We’ve designed this creative and charming Rainbow Healing Crystal Necklace to give you something that works both as a fashion statement and a statement of intent to the life you lead.

It has the colors of the rainbow locked into the most tremendous looking design. By offering you a rich and engaging design that is sure to help you adapt and appreciate the wholeness of spirit and mind, this helps you to easily showcase your open-minded, universal approach to living.

We’ve chosen a rare combination of color that is sure to sparkle and shine, and help add an extra level of depth to the way that you come across. This is an absolute must-have for gem lovers who want that extra touch of creativity in their accessory box.

We have 5 star ratings on virtually every order and take your security seriously. Due to extremely high demand for these carefully handmade, one-of-a-kind items, please expect 12-20 days for delivery.